Episode 27: Possession With Intent to Deliver

AUGUST  29, 2018

This episode contains the audio from a Facebook Live chat I had with Jared Wall from AnarchoLand. Jared wrote a fascinating essay called Breaking Liberty. It is a libertarian treatment of the television show Breaking Bad. 

Any time I've heard the phrase "Possession with intent to deliver" I think, "That's exactly what I do for a living!" I possess a trailer filled with someone's products and I intend to deliver it. Obviously it isn't the transporting of products that is a problem. The problem is that some people somewhere decided that certain products are "illegal" and so anyone who is involved in the movement of these goods is now a "criminal." Jared and I have a fun discussion about the War on Drugs and its effects on society and human liberty. 

Posted on August 29, 2018 .