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An article from may shed some light on why the prosecutor was so quick to announce that Walmart driver Kevin Roper was "awake more than 24 hours." Roper came out on his twitter page and said he had not been awake that long and that he hadn't told anyone that he had. 

From the article:

"In 2003, New Jersey became the first state to make it a crime of vehicular homicide for causing a fatal accident while driving drowsy.

The statute, known as Maggie’s Law, made it illegal for a driver who had been awake longer than 24 hours to operate a vehicle.

The law was named for 20-year-old Maggie McDonnell, who was killed in 1997 when a driver awake longer than 24 hours crossed three lanes of traffic and hit her car head-on."

Kevin Roper may be guilty of something. I've always been told, "If you hit someone in the rear end, you are at fault. Period." However, I believe that this prosecutor may be trying to elevate their political career by jumping on the opportunity to take down this truck driver.

The article also goes on to publish misleading truck crash data to make the situation look even more grim.

It's no stretch to say that a Prosecutor will throw and unfounded bone to the media knowing that they will do his dirty work for him.

I will be following this case closely. I don't want it to be forgotten and swept under the rug.