DEA Conscripts Driver, Gets Him Killed and His Truck Destroyed, Doesn't Pay a Penny

A judge has ruled that the DEA doesn’t have to pay him back because it doesn’t have a rule against doing what it did. Despite the fact that the DEA wiped away the driver’s substantial criminal record so that he would be hired, despite the fact that they used the driver and equipment for illegal activities, despite the fact that they never asked permission or told the company owner anything about what was happening until after the incident, and despite the fact that a man died as a result of their botched operation, the DEA still hasn’t legally done anything wrong. So they don’t have to pay.

Trucking company owner Craig Patty has said that the truck was used and damaged in a drug sting against one of Mexico’s most violent cartels without his permission and that his family lived in extreme fear they would face retaliation from the cartel, even though they had no idea what the government was doing.

This is what we get when we allow this ridiculous war on drugs to continue. I am against prohibition. It doesn't matter of it's drugs, sex, abortion, tobacco, or any other perceived taboo subject. Where there is a willing consumer and a willing producer, a transaction WILL take place. We don't have the ability to stop it. The only choices we have are:

  • allow it to happen in the light of day where market forces are available to protect both consumer and producer 
  • force it into the dark shadows of the black market where violence, coercion, and poos quality of goods thrive. 

That's it. You get one or the other. Prohibition brings death and destruction. Regulation brings confusion and chaos, but it's a better alternative than prohibition. 

It's time to stop this. Turn off the "news." We live in the safest and most prosperous time in human history. Your neighbor is not your enemy. It's time to mind our own business and leave others alone to live with the consequences of their own decisions. 

Posted on January 22, 2016 .