My Experience With The WV Department of Motor Vehicles

You know that I should have known better. I should have known better than to walk into that office with the idea that I was prepared. It didn't matter that I spent over ONE HOUR on the DMV website the night before checking to make sure that I had all the proper paperwork in order. Here's what I went in with:

Ohio Commericial Driver's License

Birth Certificate

Water Bill for new residence

Copy of the lease for the house we are renting

Long form DOT phyiscal

Social Security Card


According to the DMV website, I was prepared. WRONG. They rejected the lease because it was the copy that only had my signature on it. I left, went to the Landlord's office and got the original copy of the lease. I returned to the DMV office and they told me, "All out-of-state transfers have to approved by the Charleston office, so all of your documentation will have to be sent there. That takes two hours, so you won't be approved today." <Snap>

I received a phone call from the DMV that my Long Form DOT phyisical had been rejected because the doctor did not fill out a section properly. There was a place where he was to check "yes" or "no." Since none of the conditions applied to me, he left it blank. I called the doctor back in Columbus and asked him to correct it and send it to me.


I had a doctor's appointment Tuesday morning. It was a basic checkup to get established with a new doctor in West Virginia. He gave me a clean bill of health and I asked, "What would it take for you to do a DOT physical?" He said, "Check your hearing and vision and you're done." I told him about the nightmare with the DMV and that I'd like to go ahead and get a new one (At a cost of about $100) so the DMV wouldn't have any more reasons to reject it. Yes, I'm an idiot.

I proudly return to the DMV at 11:00 am to find that all of my documents from yesterday had been deleted and had to be re-submitted. I gave them my stack along with the new DOT forms. I'm told it's two hours or more before I'm approved, so I agree to come back. I receive a phone call at 2:15 pm saying that my NEW DOT PHYSICAL has been REJECTED because the doctor didn't fill in the specific gravity of the urinalysis. I told the lady that called, "There is no logical reason for an individual to have to go through this in order to get a license." She responded with, "You will not speak to me with that tone." I called the Charleston office and got them (with a lot of arm-twisting) to accept a fax straight from the doctor's office. I called the doctor and his nurse agreed to fix and fax it. Once the receipt of the fax was confirmed, I was informed that the "Computer is down so you can't get your license today." <snap>


I showed up at the DMV on Wednesday morning having no idea what foolishness I would encounter. After all my documents were re-submitted AGAIN, I paid my $26.25 and got my TEMPORARY license. More on that in a minute.

My biggest question is this - How did we get here? Are we as humans and citizens really so clueless and stupid that we allow this to continue? There is a steady mix of blame to go around. The WV DMV has a long history fo being impossible to deal with. Then in 2005, our good friend George W. Bush sigend the REAL ID act. That is where all these additional requirements come from. Its also why I got a temporary license and have to wait two weeks to receive my permanent license. Had I not chosen the Federal Option, my license would have read "Not For Federal Use." Constitution? What Constitution? They're going to protect us from terrorists you know. Morons. An important piece of this conversation needs to be about the fact that the Federal Government has NO AUTHORITY to require us to carry a National ID. That would be a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. The Real ID Act allowed them to accomplish the same thing without violating the Constitution by blackmailing the States into adopting National standards for ID's by threatening to take away their highway money if they don't comply. So West Virginia, being the Federal Government's 35 year old child that won't move the hell out of the basement, was happy to climb on board.

The saddest part for me was watching a VERY old woman in front of me be turned away because she didn't have a copy of her marriage license from 1948. NINETEEN. FORTY. EIGHT! Her husband is DEAD. She will likely be dead before she ever has to renew. My wife was told yesterday by a friend who now works at the County Courthouse that she will have to come and get a new one because the DMV won't accept our marriage license from 2004. It has the word "Greetings" on it. Clueless. Morons.

In our world of eight-year memory spans where we can't remember anything past the last adminsitration, it impossible to find the tyrant responsible and hold them accountable. Our States and the "leaders" in our States (believe me, I use that term very, very loosely) are gutless cowards. They don't care that their pointless and meaningless regulations casue hours of our time to be wasted. They don't care. As long as they show up and sit their fat rumps on the seats, they get paid. It's disgusting. Wouldn't you like to know who made the decision? I certainly would.

My belief is that if you are reading this and you think what I encountered was reasonable, you are a special kind of stupid.

Posted on April 8, 2013 .