I'm Creating Two New Terms

The labels "Liberal" and "Conservative" are useless. Neither one means what it first meant, and neither one can accurately define those that claim them or are labeled with them.

Thus, let it be written that from this day forward, in place of these two terms I will use "Nanny Statist" and "Police Statist." This way I can accurately describe the slight nuance between the two groups while clearly stating that the differences in them are few. The "Nanny Statist" is the former Liberal who believes there must be a government safety net to protect every single human on Planet Earth from the boogeyman (that was likely created by the regulation they begged for). The "Police Statist" is the former Conservative who thinks the government should be the World's police force and that the government should write laws and regulations to uphold the "values and freedoms we hold dear," which means mandating violations of privacy in the name of "security" and forcing all people to live by the same moral standards.

For example, I read one person's opinion that "Conservatives" and "Libertarians" are basically the same because they would give unchecked "free market" power to corporations so that they can make as much profit as they wish at the expense of the worker. Ok, let's examine that statement. I will play the role of the libertarian.

A "Free market" would allow corporations to run wild. The Liberal would say this is absolutely true and that there needs to be "reasonable" regulations to protect workers. The Conservative would say this absolutely isn't true because Sean Hannity told them so. Then they would recite the Laffer curve, pray to Saint Reagan, and give a 30 minute dissertation on how important it is to have "Under God" in the Pledge.

My turn. I would say they are both full of crap. Government regulations do not have any effect on human behavior. Period. The regulations only provide the government an avenue to punish the evildoer. Then, when the bad corporation is caught, they close down and open under a new name and start over. Using the perspective of liberty and total freedom of choice, I do not enter in to deals with individuals or corporations I do not trust or cannot verify they can be trusted. EVEN THEN, I do not enter into deals that will break me if they go bad.

I can protect myself from these evils. I will teach my children to protect themselves from these evils, and by the way, by "evil" I mean YOU.

Posted on April 15, 2013 .