My Honor Student Beat Up Your Bully

After the bumper sticker craze began where parents proudly proclaimed on their rear window, "My kid is an honor student at ___________ School!" I began to see parody stickers that read, "My kid beat up your honor student." Fast forward to today's hyper sensitive fascination with bullying where we seem to have forgotten that bullying is not some new phenomenon. I was 'bullied.' I was also 'hazed.' When I entered high school in the summer of 1990, all freshmen members of the band were required to wear beanies during the summer Band Camp. These upper-classmen designed and manufactured torture devices were a rite of passage. They were required, and they were not fun. The majority of them were made from rubber balls that were cut in half and decorated. They were also very likely stolen from the school gym. One of my classmate's beanie looked like an oil rig that literally invited birds to come roost on it, and roost they did. It wasn't fun. I hated it. By the time I graduated in 1994, the ritual had lost some of its luster. I don't really remember if we were still doing it then. I never attended college so I was not aware of what was happening in the college world at the time. I don't think it is an overstep to say that hazing rituals have gotten out of control. Recent news stories have shed light on that fact. Maybe it is has been fueled by the Jackass stunts, but no one will really know. It is my opinion that the issue of bullying needs to be handled at home and it is NOT the responsibility of the school staff to protect our children. That job solely belongs to the parents.

Just last week I received a text from my wife that read, "I want to put our daughter in a self-defense class." That immediately got my attention. I asked if she had been hurt and learned that a little boy apparently smacked her in the face while she was playing at Chick Fil A. We made the decision right then to teach her to hit back. Yes, you read that correctly. I told my 5 year old daughter that if another child strikes her she has not only my permission, but my instruction to knock the crap out of them. Her mommy even showed her how to make a fist and what to do with it. Some of you reading this may want to stop here and collect yourselves before reading any further. Need a tissue?

We homeschool our kids, so there is a ZERO percent chance that they will ever be bullied at school. There will be opportunities at church, public parks, and even family functions for our kids to encounter a little coward that we refer to as bullies. Our instructions are very clear - "You are not allowed to strike anyone because they made you mad. You are not allowed to strike someone because they called you a name. You are not allowed to strike someone because they took something from you or because they skipped line. But in the instance where someone strikes you, you hit them back and you hit them can hard. There is only one language that a bully understands - a bloody nose.

Every 'bully' I knew growing up was someone who used their size advantage or their demeanor to intimidate other kids. I learned over time that the majority of bullies would quickly back down when confronted. I stood nose-to-nose with one of the most notorious bullies in my school. He was drunk, and I was terrified of him. I decided right then and there that we were going to settle this matter one way or another. I stepped up to him, placed my nose against his and said, "I'm not scared of you. If you want to throw down then let's do it. I am NOT backing down. Make your choice right now. Fight or walk away." To my absolute amazement, he walked away. I went back in the house and threw up. I've not had many other encounters like that once I passed the age of 21. I've had two similar occurrences in truck stops in 15 years on the road. Both times I have stood my ground and both times the aggressor has backed off.

Bullies are scared little kids (this includes those adult bullies). They are cowards. They speak as though they are tough, but the reality is that they are not. Our collapsing public school system has created an environment in which bullies thrive. "Don't stand up! Don't react! Don't fight back!" I can remember those ridiculous speeches even when I was in school. They current school system robs our children of their individuality. It strips their dignity from them. It molds them into robots designed to allow bullies (government) to order them about. It truly is time to put a stop to bullying. It starts at home. It starts within you, parents.

My job, and my wife's job, is to raise these children to succeed in society. It is to make them into strong individuals. I will not stand for bullying. My children will not stand for it either. So consider yourselves warned. If one of your kids attacks my kids, your kid's gonna take an ass whipping. That also means if my kid makes an aggressive move towards yours, then I expect mine to receive in kind. The chances of that happening are pretty slim. Since we don't allow our kids anywhere near a public indoctrination camp, we have a great deal of control who has influence over them. It is very easy to nip aggression in the bud.

Our society is becoming more and more aggressive. From these ridiculous gay marriage bans to climate change regulations, we are seeing more fights being started. It's time to live and let live. I have my personal convictions and I adhere to them. I expect others to do the same. But in those times where are personal convictions do not line up, we are going to have to let one another be. I am done with using the government's force to have my ideals forced upon another, and I'm also done having them forced on me. I'm going to live what I believe and there is nothing you can do to stop me. Freedom of speech allows you to try to influence me, and your input is welcome, but if your influence is rejected, walk away and leave me to live in peace. The minute you start trying to use the government to force your ideal on me is the moment that YOU become a bully.

Posted on May 14, 2012 .