The "Sanctity of Marriage" argument is a joke.

So. You want a Constitutional Amendment to 'protect' marriage? You also want this Amendment to define 'traditional marriage' as "between one man and one woman?" You're welcome to try. But I think there are some things that should be considered first.

1. Why not create Amendments also banning other sinful behavior?

We (Christians) could do the World (and ourselves) a great service by banning all kinds of sins. We could start with divorce. After that we could move on to adultery, theft, envy, and lust until we've included all the Ten Commandments into the Constitution. But see, you know that won't work. There are already laws on the books banning all kinds of behaviors, and humans have shown over time that just because it's illegal, doesn't mean we're not going to do it. There is also a question of free will that needs to be answered. If I, or anyone for that matter, make the decision to accept Christ, then I accept the parameters that come with that relationship. No other human being is bound by the rules and standards of a decision I have made. I made the decision to follow Christ age 10. I'm confident that I had no clue what that meant until many years later. As far as I can tell, my Biblical mandate is to a live a life of holiness, sanctified, that models a commitment to Christ. The best thing I can do for marriage is to sanctify my own marriage, living in holiness with my wife, to the glory of God. that what I've done? Nope. In 2009, I went to see a lawyer to get advice about getting a divorce. I was miserable, hopeless, and detached. My wife was the same. We were not living a life pleasing to God. Our marriage was not "sanctified." I will say that we tried. We went to three different marriage counselors, spent a week in Branson, Missouri in an "intensive marriage retreat," begged our Churches for help, prayed, and even moved back to West Virginia. We ended up broke, bankrupt, homeless and living in my parents' very small house. We were at the bottom of the barrel. It was then that things started to change. We started to change. My wife and I looked at one another differently. Maybe we were able to see that everything wasn't the other's fault. The tipping point, I believe, was when we were still living in Ohio. We were hooked up with a couple from our church who had been married over 50 years. They agreed to sit down with us and discuss what was going on in our marriage. We assumed the regular position that most couples do in a counseling session - battle position. We were armed with our talking points to explain how the other was the problem. But they weren't hearing it. They weren't hearing it at all. I can paraphrase what their advice to us was. "Why don't you two just shut up? You think you're the first people on earth that has ever had a life to deal with? Maybe it's time you buck up and start counting your blessings and behaving like two people that have a little sense?" It was good old-fashioned woodshed whoopin'. That started breaking the ice and tearing down the walls. The rest came down when we were flat on our faces just a few months later. Today, my wife is my friend. She is my partner, and I am hers. I spent 327 days on the road last year, and our marriage is stronger than it ever has been. I've spent TWO days at home since January 3rd. She is at home, by herself raising two kids while homeschooling one of them. Sometimes I find myself enraged reading status updates on Facebook where a mom or dad are complaining about their kids when they have a spouse [that's supposed to be] there to help take the load off. My wife has NO ONE. Our families all live out of state, and with the exception of a couple of close friends, she's doing it 100% on her own. So some of ya'll need to get a grip. So many have said that there is an 'attack' on marriage by homosexuals. All I can say from my experience is that my wife nor I were ever attacked by a homosexual. We were too busy attacking EACH OTHER.

So I ask the question - Who are we to tell anyone that we have the upper hand or stand on the moral high ground when it comes to sanctity in our marriages? Maybe if Christians could at least divorce at a lesser rate than non-believers we would have a leg to stand on, but we can't even pull that off! Then comes the hot button question - Is homosexuality a sin? In my opinion, yes, it is a sin for a Christian to engage in homosexual acts. Just like it is a sin to have sex outside marriage, cohabitation outside of marriage, or engage in any other sexual behavior outside of marriage. There are plenty of issues with our lifestyle that other people vehemently oppose like homeschooling. What do you think is going to happen when some group goes to call on Washington to propose an Amendment banning homeschooling? We will do it anyway. NO ONE is going to tell us how to raise our children. Period.

2. Once we've made it law, how do we enforce it?

We can't. Just like all other human behavior, legislation does not prevent it, it can only punish it. My first responsibility is to be accountable for my own behavior. After that I am responsible for my children until they are of the age to make their own decision and can be held accountable for them.

3. What's the big deal? We're just trying to honor God, right?

The big deal for me is that a government big enough to give you all you want is also big enough to take everything you have. I can honor God all I want without the government's blessing or permission. By the way, I don't need yours either. The bigger question for me is, Why did we let the government hijack something that always belonged to the church in the first place? I also have to ask this question - If you're gay or lesbian, and you don't believe in God, then why does it matter? I can understand the inner conflict one must feel that is homosexual and believes in God. (for the record, I am NOT going down the nature vs. nurture path here) This whole thing can explode in the faces of BOTH sides. If the Christians get what they want and manage to get this Amendment passed and signed into law, I'm afraid the law of unintended consequences is going to come back and bite them. If you're homosexual and you get what you want (which I assume is equal protection under the law), you're opening yourself up to endless challenges by faith groups that will tie the issue up for years (I guess unless you get your own Amendment).

Here's the bottom line -

There will be no marriage Amendment. It's not going to happen for either side. Period. The spineless wimps in Washington will beat their chests come election time, but they will. not. do. it. They have many more important Constitution shredding pieces of crap legislation to shove down our throats that they won't have time to deal with this one.

This Country was founded for the cause of INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. Our forefathers bailed on England for the very same things that our dear leaders in Washington are doing now.

Are you a Christian and you want to do something to protect America and our freedom? Then try getting your own house in order. The Bible has a lot to say about debt, so there is a good place to start. We wouldn't have had nearly as bad a recession if "Christians" were following Biblical teaching when it comes to money and finance. But there again, we were indistinguishable from the World racking up credit card debt and buying homes we couldn't afford. Those Wall Street bankers would have had nothing to rob if not for the millions of sheeple lining up down the street to buy their garbage debt. Let's take back our children from the bonds of a broken public school system. You would be surprised how easy (and cheap) homeschooling is. And it's not just about 'education.' It's about quality time with your kids that the system can't give you. And if you dump the $800 monthly car payments and live on a budget you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much more time and less stress you have in your life. Then you'll have time to share Jesus with people...ALL people. If we spent as much time bringing people to Jesus as we do trying to get the government to 'fix' them, we would have a society that was truly living in peace and love.

Are you a homosexual, athiest, or agnostic and you want to live freely? Then do it. Don't pay attention to people who wish to shove their morality down your throats by the use of government force. You certainly can't depend on the government to have your best interests at heart. They will use you, abuse you, and toss you away once the power of your interest has run out. Look, there will always be people of all faiths and backgrounds that will not accept you for who you are. It is a sad truth. Unfortunately, there is still a group of knuckle draggers left that hold hate and contempt for people whose skin is a different color. Nothing can change them. Their heart is hard, and you just have to settle for the fact that their hatred will bring them pain. But I do know this one guy, His name is Jesus, and He accepts everyone for who they are, where they are. He accepted me. He has given me life more abundant. If I believe and you don't, there's one fact on the table - One of us is going to be wrong. I'll take my chances with Jesus and He can sort out the rest.

Posted on February 6, 2012 .