A quick rant before bed

I was about to retire to the sleeper, but thought to take a quick run through twitter. I saw two headlines that caught my eye and made my blood boil.

1. Federal Judge Prohibits Prayer at Texas Graduation Ceremony

Yes, it's from FOX News. I'm not one who refuses to read stories from one outlet because of their political bend. I read them all. FOX likes to put these headlines up because they know it will catch the eye of the religious right and get them fired up before they even read the article. I guess you could say I'm both "religious" (I am a follower of Jesus Christ) and "right" (because I'm not left) , but that depends on which version of the words use choose. I've been called everything but a white boy, so I can handle whatever label you prescribe.

My issues with this story:

1. A Federal judge has no business interfering in a local district. Period. I don't care what the issue is.

2. How old are we? Seriously - "The ruling was in response to a lawsuit filed by Christa and Danny Schultz. Their son is among those scheduled to participate in Saturday’s graduation ceremony. The judge declared that the Schultz family and their son would “suffer irreparable harm” if anyone prayed at the ceremony."

Suffer? Irreparable? Harm? I'm sorry. You're a pansy. You poor thing. Someone might speak words to something or someone you can't see and don't believe in. Get over yourself. Please understand that my personal opinion is NOT that "everything would be okay if those dadgum liberals would let prayer back in school." Quite the contrary. I can walk into any school right now and pray all I want so long as I'm not being disruptive. I can pray anywhere I want. I'm praying right now. Come and get me! I would rather see there be prayer in HOMES, especially those that profess faith in Christ. I told my wife the other day, "You know, our marriage almost ended and not one time were we attacked by homosexuals (citing the 'attack on marriage' propaganda). We were too busy attacking EACH OTHER! Seems to me that if Christians were actually divorcing at a lower rate than non-believers we would have some argument as to how "God's definition of marriage" would stand up to secular scrutiny. The article goes on to quote the pansy's lawyer (I'm sure she's a real jewel). “It caused him a great deal of anxiety,” she said, referring to her teenage client. Anxiety??? Someone needs Xanax...and a helmet.

3. If you don't like it, leave.

I've made no secret of the fact that my wife and I have made the decision to educate our children at home. No decision that we've ever made has made me more proud and secure. I believe the public school system is a joke. I believe that the system is dangerous. I believe the system provides a sub-standard education. So you know what? We pulled the plug! We didn't go crying to the government to change the system to suit us. We have our principles and beliefs, and so we will determine the outcome. Problem solved.

I think this kid is going to be SCREWED when he becomes a part of the larger society. Once he gets into the real world, he's going to discover that the axis of the universe does not run through the top of his precious little forehead. What's he going to do if he goes to work one day for a devout Muslim that prays five times a day? Is this pinhead going to protest and cry foul that someone is offending him by displaying their religious rites? You know the funny thing about Walmart is that they expect you to pay for that stuff your leaving with. Most people use money. Money comes from work, but likely in this idiot's case he'll be living on government assistance as he'll be absolutely worthless in the marketplace. Then you and I will get to pay to support him.

2. Gay softball league limit on straight players OK'd

This one is pretty simple for me. If one or more private citizens want to start a group for any purpose, I believe they should have the right to choose who can or cannot be a part of it. HOWEVER, the hypocrisy is what bothers me. If someone wanted to start an all-white-straight-only anything, the government and media would come down with thunder and lighting calling them racists and bigots. Whatever. Same issue as above. Is there not another softball group that you can play for if this one doesn't want you? You're straight, they're gay. They don't want you on their team. Get over it. But no! You need to run off and file a lawsuit because they won't let you play with their ball. While on a layover in New Jersey a few weeks ago, three other drivers invited me to play basketball. They were all black. I obviously am not. At the beginning I said, "You need to understand first that I am white and have absolutely zero athletic ability." They said that was ok, we were just going to have fun. After I proved my lack of talent, they called me 'snow white,' told me that I 'dribbled the ball like a two year old with down's syndrome,' and affirmed that I had no business holding a basketball. But even through all the trash-talking about banter, we had a blast. They even gave me pointers to help me actually get the ball through the net. I wasn't offended. I wasn't "irreparably harmed." I had fun. "Sticks and stones" I guess. And I gave some back too. We went to go eat barbecue and as we were waiting to get in one driver's Suburban, Terrence said to me, "Now you know you gonna have to sit in the back seat there white boy." I said, "That's fine. You go on ahead and drive Miss Daisy there Hoke." He smiled and laughed. I had not failed to deliver.
Posted on June 2, 2011 .