A little Thursday morning stupidity

I hate moving. I'd really prefer to just leave everything that I have and buy new stuff at the new place. If only that were an option. Moving in the days of the technology age also involves changing addresses where we do business online. Here comes the stupid.

I have 8 app updates waiting in the iTunes store waiting for my iPhone. Knowing that my wife went physically to the bank last week to fill out a form to make the change, I logged into the iTunes store to change the address so that my updates could be downloaded. No dice. "The account information you provided does not match your bank records." Grrrr. I call the bank.

"We see that your wife filled out the form, but she didn't put your name on the form, so we only changed her address." So the woman that I 1) am married to, 2) share a joint account with, and 3) has a 10 minute conversation with the teller about the transaction can't change the address??

The story that I get doesn't bother me as much about the bank's policy as it does about the state of our society. Basically, people (on a fairly consistent basis it seems) split up, move out, and take off all the while KEEPING A JOINT ACCOUNT!?!? Really? Now our banks have to install security measures to keep rogue spouses from changing addresses? Are we stuck in the third grade?

I end up on the phone with the bank's Vice President and he tells me that he will look into it. I respond with, "This is not nuclear fusion." He says he understands, but he has protocol to follow. I respond - "Please understand that my wife will go NUCLEAR if she has to come back into the bank to fix this." She is packing while taking care of two toddlers. That is not a good combination.

It needs to be said that I like the enhanced security features when dealing with this small, local bank. It can be a real pain, BUT they are no where near as incompetent as dealing with a large National bank. If we could just get the rest of you to behave we'd all be a little better off.

Posted on September 30, 2010 .