Taking Back America

Today is expected to be a reckoning, seen as a repudiation of Government by some and rejection of President Obama's policies by others. There has been so much mudslinging that I got my hands dirty just changing the channel on my TV. I'm not as hopeful as some, because I just don't see how this election is going to change much of anything.


November, 1994 - I had just graduated high school, and politics was no where on my radar. Girls, cars, and parties were all I was concerned about. I was completely unaware of the Newt Gingrich led revolution culminated by the Republicans' 'Contract with America.' I come from a Conservative household. Republicans were the choice then, and are the choice on this day. Fast forward 16 years and we are faced with another choice - stand up against the Democrats and bring back the Republicans who have a new slogan with the 'Pledge to America.' But what does 'Taking back America' mean?

What will you do with it when you get it?

I heard a Conservative talk-radio host pose this question. So, you're going to take it away from those mean, nasty Democrats and give it to the honest, trustworthy Republicans? I think not. I see no evidence that Republicans are any different than those they so vehemently oppose. Sure, they know the 'correct' answers on hot button issues. They rail against high taxes, government spending, and socialized medicine, but would they actually do anything different? Their own Pledge states that they want to repeal and REPLACE Obamacare. Replace it with what? It seems to me that Republicans only oppose big government when they're not in charge.

I already have it, and I'll just keep it thanks.

I don't need to take it back, I already have it. I will not give it up to a group of elites in a far-away Capitol that think they know what's best for me, no matter what party they belong to. I have given them way too much power and I need to take some back. Here's how I plan to do it. I have my own 'Pledge to America.'

1. I pledge to live within my means. I will not go into debt and live recklessly so that I will be a burden to the system when I get in trouble. I have made this mistake before and will not make it again. I will drive used cars if that is all I can afford. I will not live a high-consumption lifestyle to try to impress people that I don't even know.

2. I pledge to educate my children and raise them to have integrity and a strong work ethic. I will make them understand that they are entitled to nothing. I will teach them that money comes form work, and there are 3 things you can do with it - spend, save, and give. We have already begun this process with our 4 year old. She earns a 'commission' for the chores that she does during the week. She has 3 envelopes to place her commission money in. When she wants to buy something, she has to have to the money or the answer is a firm "No."

3. I pledge to be charitable. As a follower of Christ, I have a Biblical mandate to give. It is my belief that if Christians did their jobs, welfare would go out of business. They hungry would be fed, and the poor would have sustenance. We do need to help those less fortunate, but we also need to recognize that America's poorest are also among the World's richest. This charity needs to include education and encouragement. Government assistance is slavery. They barely give you enough to get by, and as soon as you show strength to try to get out of the hole they kick the chair out from under you. That is morally wrong.

4. I pledge to be an example. Far too many of my Christian brothers and sisters want the government to fix social issues. They rail about homosexuality, marriage, abortion, and drugs. A good place to start would be stop engaging in these behaviors ourselves. Many Christians want a Constitutional Amendment to 'protect' marriage, all the while they are divorcing at a rate comparable to non-believers. My marriage has been in the tank, and just one year ago was headed for divorce, but WE stopped being childish and allowed the Holy Spirit in to fix US. There were no rabid homosexuals attacking our marriage, we were attacking each other. How many gays and lesbians have seen the Love of Christ through our words and ACTIONS? We need to rise up to be the standard so that when someone sees 'Christian' they actually see something different.

5. I pledge to educate myself. I spent 12 years in formal, public education. I have learned more about Finance and History in the last 2 years by reading than I did in all of those 12 years. We have been fed lies and exaggerations by our school systems, and most of it concerns our own History. It's time that we ask ourselves some questions about what really happened in America in the last 200 years and learn from it.

This problem we face did not show up with the elections of Barack Obama and George W. Bush. It's been around since about 1860. It's time to get our collective heads out of the sand America. At no time in World History has it been as easy to learn the truth. All of the information is out there. All you need to do is turn off American Idol, and turn on American History.
Posted on November 2, 2010 .