My name is Chris, and I'm An American Truck Driver. I'm 39 years old. I've been married to Karin since 2004. We have three children. We have a daughter born in 2006,  a boy born in 2009, and a boy born in 2014. We're both from West Virginia. We lived in Ohio from 2007 - 2013. We homeschool our kids. We are Christians. Our faith comes first, our family comes second, and everything and everyone else comes after that.

This site is about my journey as a self-employed business owner. It's sole purpose is to have a voice among the propaganda and distortions being distributed by bureaucrats and the media. It's about standing up and fighting for what we believe is right.

Why create a website?

I'm not famous. I have no product or service to provide. I'm just...ordinary. I'm just a guy. I'm just An American Truck Driver. 

My dad once said to me, "You know, the 60's was the time to live. You had all the modern conveniences - Air Conditioning, Television, Cars...and everything was really cheap." Keep in mind that this statement was made by a man who did not have electricity until he was 17 or indoor plumbing until he met and married my mom in 1960. I hung on to that for a while. At one point wishing that I had lived back then. Life was "simpler." One should think that life in the 1960's was free of stress, free of the American machine. It is true that in the 60's we didn't move around like we do now. Life was more "simple." Even in the 1980's when I was growing up, we went to church, school, work, visited local family, and returned home again. We had 3 (sometimes) TV channels. Our weekly appointments were with the Dukes of Hazzard, Dallas, and Falcon Crest. The summers didn't seem as hot, nor the winters as cold. But were we just operating in our perspective? Didn't we do all that was available to us? I can remember our first microwave (it was HUGE), our first television with a remote control, the first brand-new car with A/C (a 1985 Chrysler LeBaron GTS), the first time we got cable, and the first VCR. We kept up with the times. We evolved with the rest of society.

I believe it is true that things are moving much faster now than they ever have. We've all adapted. We've all changed. I'll admit that looking back just three years, it is hard to imagine what life was like before I got an iPhone...and an iPad...and Facebook. Now I believe with all of my being that THIS is the time to live. We live in a very exciting time - human achievement at its best. And we're not done.

So, why a website by a guy no one has ever heard of? Why take the time and invest the money in this medium? Ready? Here it is - Because I can. It's that simple. I can, and I will. There is a greater reason behind it, but at it's most simple definition it is because I can. Millions have done the work ahead of me to make it possible. Know why they did it, why Steve Jobs was "Steve Jobs?" Yep, because they could, and I'm thankful they did.

As we say back in West Virginia where I grew up, here's the "Meat and Taters." For decades since the invention of broadcast media, the only people with a voice were the ones inside the industry. If you weren't on WABC Radio, in the New York Times, or on the Big 3 (now 4) you were limited in who you could reach. Likewise, the consumers of information were limited in what they could hear. I barely remember Walter Cronkite, but just like he would close his broadcast, "and that's the way it is," that's the way it was. There was no where else to get information. I'm not trying to point out any bias on the part of Mr Cronkite or anyone else in the media, then or now. But I will say that the internet has given a voice to people that never had one, and provides content for consumers they've never had available.

I wish to have a voice. I want others to have that voice as well. I believe that in the times that we live, as exciting as they may be, we have a responsibility to use this medium to cut through the BS propaganda we're being fed through the major mass media. I have very little respect for our mainstream media. One definition of I found of journalism is - "writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation." If that is not what it is, then that is what it should be. How can FOX, MSNBC, and CNN cover that SAME story with such a different slant? There is no "direct presentation of facts or description of events" among ANY of the major media outlets. People who like Democrats watch MSNBC. People who like Republicans watch FOX News. So that's what our journalism industry has become? One presentation of facts for one party, and one completely different for the other? Excuse me, but where the hell is the TRUTH in that?  

That's where We the People come in. We don't have the excuse any longer to say, "I didn't know." The greatest blessing of the World we live in is that the answer to any question we have is at the tip of our fingers. It's time we stop allowing bureaucrats and media moguls to tell us what and how to think. I'm not calling for a boycott of the media. I'm calling for us to get of our butts and call them out when they're spinning untruths, distortions, and straight out lies. QUESTION EVERYTHING! 


I was raised in a "Conservative Republican" family. We still laugh about my grandfather ranting against the 'dadburn Democrats.' At one point just a few years ago I listened to political talk radio TWELVE HOURS a day. I started in the morning with Bill Bennett, then Glenn Beck, then Sean Hannity, and finished up with Mark Levin in the evening. Then around 2005, something happened - I couldn't take it anymore. If I listened to one more minute of talk radio I was going to drive my truck off a bridge. The major problem I had was that the Bush Administration was doing things that were in direct conflict with what I was being told was "Conservative." Also at that time the campaigning started for the 2008 election. So I turned it off. I listened to NASCAR radio on SiriusXM and Dave Ramsey. That still left a lot of miles to drive with nothing to listen to. That's when I found audio books. The year 2005 was the beginning of my journey to become a lover of freedom and liberty. As we travel along together, I'll share what I learned in those books and how they radically changed my views on EVERYTHING.


Starting in January of 2011, I became a self-employed business owner. This experience has done more to change my views than anything else. We are on a track to be very successful. That is a mathematical fact. I work hard, we are debt-free, and we have specific plans and goals. There is your recipe for success. I want to document that. There is a dangerous envy polluting our society. Some people have a distorted view that "rich" people got that way by being evil and deceitful. I have found that nothing could be further from the truth. Are there "rich" people that are evil? Yep. I know some "poor" people who are just as evil. Money, or the lack thereof, does not make one good or evil. CHARACTER is the most important metric that needs to be applied to determine a human's motives. My plan is to show how the "rich get rich." I'm already among the top 1% richest people in the World, but frankly that doesn't take much. The poorest in America are among the richest in the World.

So in short, this site is about an individual. It's about liberty. It's about family. It's about me.